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“I love how I feel!”

I came to Dr. Cole because I had developed plantar fasciitis in both feet from my knee being out of joint. Walking was so painful, he was working with plantar fasciitis and I don’t suffer from it now. He has worked with my knee problem and I don’t suffer with it either. The most amazing thing he has done for me is in my neck and back, I would hurt so much in my back and neck. My pelvic was tilted which caused a number of problems for me including the knee issues. I can’t believe how wonderful it is to be able to do things without pain that used to be so painful. I now understand how important it is to have a chiropractor in your life. I love how I feel and thank you Dr. Cole.

Alicia Q.

“Already Feeling Results!”

I came here thinking it wouldn’t work and I might hurt but to my surprise it did not hurt and It works. It was Tuesday and Dr. Cole was off but I called the office to leave a message but Doc Cole himself answered and he offered to come in and work on me. Today is Wednesday and I am already feeling results. Dr. Cole is very concerned about making people feel better and I am so Happy I Decided to call him on his day off. Thank you Doctor Cole.

– Mickie R.

“I would rate Dr. Cole’s knowledge, ability and experience as excellent!”

My name is Dr. Leon King. I am a chiropractor in Trenton, TN. I have been studying and working in the chiropractic profession for 32 years. I want to share with you a very important experience as a chiropractic patient.
In 2011 a deadly cancer developed in my hip bones. Without treatment I was given 1.5 years to live at the most. I was given chemo therapy and radiation treatments. The chemo treatments killed the cancer, but there were serious side effects. Especially, the cancer and chemo therapy caused damage to the nerve in my legs and hips. This made both legs weaker and this caused the left leg to be weaker than the right leg. With this damage I had a light limp and numbness in the feet and legs. Since the nervous system connects all parts if the body together, what happens in one part often affects other parts. So, this caused problems in the spine and neck also. I had been told by a cancer expert “The numbness many never go away.” I am sure he would have said the same about some of the other symptoms.
I received several weeks of chiropractic adjustments. This helped to restore the strength in my hips and legs and improved my overall health. Now, I can walk and exercise almost as much as I could before the cancer. At times the numbness in the feet and legs is almost gone. The pain in the neck and spine have been reduced a lot. I continue to receive regular chiropractic adjustments to keep the nerves working at their best.
I have Dr. Barry Cole to thank for this. He has a passion for learning and improving his skills in his profession. I would rate Dr. Cole’s knowledge, ability and experience as excellent. I might add he has been a significant leader in the chiropractic profession.

– Dr. Leon King

“100% better!”

I am very grateful to Dr. Cole and his staff for my back problems being better. When I came into Dr. Cole’s office I was in severe pain and had tried pain medicine and muscle relaxers with no results.

Dr. Cole x-rayed my back and neck and started the treatment. At first I wanted to just get relief from pain. I then was explained that just pain relief wasn’t good enough.

Now I’m a believer. I didn’t want surgery or injections in my back. My back and neck, thanks to Dr. Cole is 100% better. I also have fewer headaches thanks to him. The only headaches I have are allergy headaches. Thanks again for the relief.

– B.S.

“It’s amazing!!!! Auriculotherapy has give me the control over smoking!”

It’s amazing!!!! Auriculotherapy has give me the control over smoking. I’d tried many other ways to stop smoking and none had worked. The cravings were more than gum, pills, and patches could control. I was a chain smoker at three packs a day on a good day and up to five packs while driving. Now I am smoke free. It’s never been this easy to not smoke. People look at the price and go “What?” but after 2 months look what all I can buy with what I’m saving by not smoking. Not to mention my health and the people around me. Yes you do have to want to quit, but this lets you say no to smoking.

– Sherry H.

“Started seeing results immediately!”

I was involved in a car wreck in June 06 and the doctors at the hospital said it was just whiplash. I was advised to see Dr. Cole and I don’t have any regrets. In one visit we found that the wreck not only gave me whiplash but I also had discs out of place and some minor nerve pinches. I started treatment that day and started seeing results immediately. I was so impressed that I have any illness I discuss it with Dr. Cole before going to my regular doctor. I have also referred my husband to Dr. Cole to help with “over the years pains” of working in a factory. He is not on the road to a pain free life. I would recommend Dr. Cole to anyone needing medical advice. He is a wonderful doctor and I trust him with my health.

– Leslie W

“After taking her to Dr. Cole she doesn’t need the medicine!”

I started bringing Hannah when she was two months old. She wasn’t sleeping but only three hours a night. She would scream from 5 in the afternoon until 5 in the morning. I wasn’t getting any sleep so we were both ill. She also had problems using the bathroom and constantly has ear aches. She would then get thrush from taking the medicine but then after taking her to Dr. Cole she doesn’t need the medicine which means she doesn’t get the side effects from the medicine. Now she acts like a normal baby. She’s rolling over, playing, and smiling. She is a bundle of joy for me and everyone else.

– Jamie R

“An astute decision when you plan to enter treatment with Dr. Barry Cole!”

In 1979 I became a chronic pain patient. Chiropractic medicine has always been a part of my treatment. As a result in living in many different locations I have been to many chiropractors. Two were very good, many were average and many were simply incompetent. When I came to live in the area I was fortunate to find Dr. Cole.

My current diagnosis is Fibromyalgia. I was first diagnosed in ’89-90. At first I thought it was arthritis, but all lab tests and exams were negative. Fibromyalgia is a controversial diagnosis. I resisted the diagnosis for a couple of years. I could not continue in chronic pain and finally surrendered to the diagnosis.

Previously in ’79 I’d been diagnosed with TMJ, I have worn splints, taken meds, done exercises, massage and was introduced to chiropractic medicine as part of my treatment regime. So I have seen many chiropractors over the years. Finally a few years ago I had an adjustment that gave me tremendous TMJ relief. But the chronic pain of Fibromyalgia continued to get worse, more severe and finally incapacitating. As I spent 2-3 years on my couch in severe pain, taking too much Tylenol and various drugs that did not work; I had to decide what treatment I would try next. At some point in my fibromyalgia couch therapy I decided to try chiropractic care once again. I had become so stiff and achy in my neck, shoulders, back and hips I knew I had to do something. After my first visit with Dr. Cole I knew I’d made the correct decision. Dr. Cole is an educated man in his field. He also has what are known as “educated hands,” i.e. he is very skillful in his manipulations and adjustments. He has a gentle and supportive manner with a patient. Most importantly he listens to his patients. This is extremely important if your treatment is not giving you relief.

Good chiropractic care can keep you out of the doctor’s office and off expensive drugs. But the most important thing to remember is: good chiropractic care begins with a good chiropractor. You’ve made an astute decision when you plan to enter treatment with Dr. Barry Cole.

– Beverly B.

“I feel so much better!”

Before I started coming to see Dr. Cole the pressure in my head at times was so bad I could hardly think. If my grandchildren came over I would tell their parents to call every so often to check on them. I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen to me. One night I felt so bad, I wrote a letter to each of my children telling them of my final wishes and that I loved them. I felt so bad. About a week later, my daughter got me to see Dr. Cole, and I have been going ever since. My head is so much better. The pressure is almost gone and now I feel so much better and I’m able to do more things, clean house, take my grandchildren to the park and enjoy them. I’ve even painted my bedroom.

– Ruth W.

“Dr. Cole and his staff have changed my life!”

For the past 10 years I have suffered with severe migraines. I have been prescribed every medicine you can imagine-allergy pills, sinus meds, migraine meds, and pain killers. My migraines were so bad that I would be nauseous and have numbness in half of my face. This past year, it got so bad that I was having migraines almost weekly and I was missing a lot of work. In November, I was having one of the worst migraines ever. I went to the doctor and he said there was nothing more he could do but prescribe different pain medication and set me up with an appointment with a neurologist. He explained that the neurologist would probably prescribe an anti-seizure medication to take daily. I was worried about the long term effects of taking this sort of medicine was at my wits end. I had to have relief from the pain and was ready to try anything.

My step-mom had been seeing Dr. Cole for migraines too and was having good results. So when I called my dad had suggested that I try chiropractic care, I was ready! We rushed to Dr. Cole’s office and he immediately got to work on me. Within a few hours of starting treatment, I have had only 2 migraines and they weren’t near as bad as the ones before. Dr. Cole even met me at his office one Friday when I was having a migraine. Dr. Cole and his staff have changed my life. I have always prayed for a “cure” and I finally found it.

– Brittnee B.

“It made me feel great!”

Before I started the spinal decompression therapy I had gotten to the point where I was unable to do anything, including walking, because of the pain in my legs. Dr. Cole talked to me about the treatment and it sounded good to me. I had the treatment done. In 2 weeks it made me feel great. After the 3rd week I was able to do a lot more. A month later I’m getting back to me. I am glad I did not have surgery.

– Jerry W.

“Spinal decompression has worked miracles for me!”

I was 18 years old when I was thrown from a very large Quarter horse. At the time I didn’t realize the extent of my injury. I was always a very active person playing tennis, swimming, riding horses, yard work and traveling. By the age of 35, I started realizing some lower back pain. At one point I was in such pain that I couldn’t stand up straight at all. A friend steered me in the direction of a very good chiropractor and I started going twice a week and then once a week for years. By the age of 48, the adjustments were helping, they just didn’t seem as much because I was suffering still with some pain. I also, at this time, suffered with a broken knee cap. This same chiropractor advised me to look at “Spinal Decompression”, and he did not offer this at his practice. In May 2009, I started seeing Dr. Barry Cole for Spinal Decompression and over the last 16 months, it has helped me tremendously. I hardly ever have any pain and my back is so much stronger. Spinal decompression has worked miracles for me, and I drive from Nashville, TN for every visit.

– Cindy P.

“I’m Getting Back to Me”

Before I started the spinal decompression treatment, I had gotten to the point where I was unable to do anything, including walking, because of my chronic pain in my leg.

I talked to Dr. Cole and I wanted to try the decompression, it sounded like a treatment for me. Within 2 weeks, I was noticing a difference. Three weeks came and I was able to do a little more. A month later and I’m getting back to me I’m not someone that likes to sit around. If I had not tried the decompression I would have stayed immobile or had to have surgery. Surgery is a last option to me. Surgery is not a cure.

– Paula G

“Best Thing I Could Have Ever Done”

About 3 years ago, I started having burning and pain in my neck and left shoulder. I went to many doctors they all kept saying I had a pulled muscle and kept giving me pain pills. The pain just kept getting worse. It became hard for me to work or to do anything. I was in so much pain finally last yr 2007, I demanded and MRI at one of my many doctors and the results were a ruptured disc in my neck. I was just before being scheduled for surgery when a friend at work suggested that I give Dr. Cole a call. I did and Dr. Cole said he could help me, so we got my treatment plan together. I gave it a try and my treatments consisted of Spinal Decompression with Adjustments. I thought I was just wasting my time and money at first but it was the best thing I could have ever done. I started my treatments in Nov 07, and now it is April 08 and I am completely pain free. I actually was pain free in Jan 08, so I would suggest to anyone give Dr. Cole a try before having surgery. I would like to say thanks to Dr. Cole and Teresa of course for making my life a lot easier.

– Shelia W

“This is Where I Go”

I started going to Dr. Cole last year in January for back trouble. A problem I’ve had for several years (5 nerve blocks). I was hesitant about going even though he had helped my husband, Bobby so much. During 1 of my treatments I mentioned I had Meniere’s Disease. A disease of the organs of balance in the inner ear causing sudden attacks of extreme dizziness, vomiting, and or nausea with severe loss of balance. At least a hundred times worse than inner ear trouble. Of course, it wasn’t long before I had one of my spells. My sweet husband loads me up and takes me, not to Shea Clinic but this time to Dr. Barry Cole’s office. After several adjustments that day, I walked out on my own. Now, when I have even the least bit of dizziness, that is where we go.

Thanks to Dr. Cole & Teresa

– Betty S.

“Couldn’t Feel Any Better”

After three years of lower back pain and chiropractic treatment, I wasn’t getting any permanent relief for the pain. I had been to Jackson to the Back Care Institute. After careful research and my visit to the Jackson Clinic I found myself back in Dr. Cole’s office consulting with him about the decompression table. I received twenty treatments on the decompression table and couldn’t feel any better. I haven’t received decompression for two months now and I truly feel great. I am keeping my regular monthly adjustment appointments with Dr. Cole as part of my back care treatment plan. I have returned to my active life without the back pain. Thank you Dr Cole.

– Stacey P.

“I Sleep Better”

I came to Dr. Cole in January of 2005 with a headache that I had for three days and my neck was so stiff I could not turn my head. After doing my X-rays, I found out that I had multiple problems and my stiff neck was just the beginning. My spine was curving, my right hip was higher than the left (which was really the cause of everything), my head was on crooked and I had the worst TMJ.

Dr. Cole and I discussed my problems and I immediately began treatment. Within 2 weeks, I could see major progress. Then I developed carple tunnel in my right wrist. He aligned my elbow and now I have no problems with my arm, (Better than surgery).

I am now on maintenance of once a month. I feel better, sleep better and have so much less pain in my back and neck. Thank you Dr. Cole and your staff for the wonderful care and excellent results.

– Donna S.


Since 1983 I have had chronic diarrhea, went to numerous doctors for help, taking medication that never helped. It was a very embarrassing problem always taking extra clothing everywhere I went, pulling over on the side of the road, knowing where all the bathroom stops were on trips instead of restaurants to eat. I had tried everything, then my friend asked me if I had ever used a chiropractor, thinking what for. So I came to Dr. Cole in February 06, started treatment and within 1 month I was not taking any Lomotal. I continue my monthly adjustments and feel great.

I was so impressed and amazed with my situation that when Dr. Cole had an opening on his staff, I applied for the job, I am still amazed everyday with the progress in patients.

– Teresa B.

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