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It’s amazing!!!! Auriculotherapy has give me the control over smoking. I’d tried many other ways to stop smoking and none had worked. The cravings were more than gum, pills, and patches could control. I was a chain smoker at three packs a day on a good day and up to five packs while driving. Now I am smoke free. It’s never been this easy to not smoke. People look at the price and go “What?” but after 2 months look what all I can buy with what I’m saving by not smoking. Not to mention my health and the people around me. Yes you do have to want to quit, but this lets you say no to smoking.

Sherry H.

Before I started the spinal decompression treatment, I had gotten to the point where I was unable to do anything, including walking, because of my chronic pain in my leg. I talked to Dr. Cole and I wanted to try the decompression, it sounded like a treatment for me. Within 2 weeks, I was noticing a difference. Three weeks came and I was able to do a little more. A month later and I’m getting back to me I’m not someone that likes to sit around. If I had not tried the decompression I would have stayed immobile or had to have surgery. Surgery is a last option to me. Surgery is not a cure.

Paula G.

I called at 8am and had an appointment at 9:30. Dr.Cole examined my 3onth old son and explained everything to us. Everyone was very friendly.

Crystal Dunn

Me, my husband and our 3 year old little girl all go to Dr Cole for our chiropractic care. He has made a big difference in all of our lives.

Amanda Ingram

Doctor Cole has made a amazing difference in my son because my son couldn’t hold his head up right but now since he has been seeing doctor Cole I can see a big difference.

Wanda Harber

Speaking with Dr. Cole I immediately was impressed by his chiropractic knowledge. He is a true professional.

Dawn O.
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